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Bentonville Bicycle Company is here for you no matter what your issue may be with your mountain bike. We offer several tune up packages which are the best value. We also offer diagnosis and repair on individual items such as brakes, wheels, hubs, suspension, shifting components, dropper posts and much more. Bentonville Bicycle Company adheres to manufacturer and industry standards on all repairs and service. Below you will find a comprehensive breakdown of what our repair services cost and what they include. 



If your mountain bike has been sitting unridden for a while, or you just want to make sure everything is functioning well this is the tune up for you. The Basic Tune Up will cover the following.

  • Shifting adjustments

  • Brake Adjustments

  • Minor wheel truing and spoke tension inspection

  • Minor adjustments to hub, headset and bottom bracket bearings

  • Inspection of all nuts and bolts to be sure everything is safe

  • Tire safety inspection and inflation

  • Chain wipe down and lubrication

  • Wipe down and minor cleaning of the bicycle

  • recommendations for future work or parts if needed

  • 60 day Guarantee on all work


If you are an avid rider and want your mountain bike performing perfectly and quietly this is the tune up for you. The Premium Tune Up  includes the following.

  • Thorough cleaning of the bicycle including all drivetrain components

  • Shifting adjustments and hanger alignment

  • Brake adjustments including bleeding of hydraulic disc brakes

  • Thorough wheel truing and spoke tension inspection

  • inspection of all nuts, bolts, brake rotors and suspension components to be sure everything is safe

  • Adjustments as needed to headset, hubs and bottom bracket

  • Chain lubrication

  • Tire inspection and sealant re fresh if tubeless (sealant not included)

  • Shock and fork air or coil spring adjustment to proper settings for rider weight

  • Inspection and adjustment of rebound and compression damping on fork and shock to suit rider weight and riding style.

  • If new cables, housing, chain, brake pads or cassette are needed there is no installation charge.  

  • Recommendations for future work or parts if needed.

  • A thorough documentation of all work done.

  • 60 day guarantee on all work

COMPLETE BICYCLE OVERHAUL-$190-$300 APPOINTMENTS SUGGESTED (possible extra surcharge if servicing brand that we are not dealers for)

You have invested hard earned money on your mountain bike, keep it performing the way it should with a Complete Bicycle Overhaul.

     On a modern full suspension bike the overhaul ($300) includes a thorough cleaning of all components, replacing fork seals and oil, air can seals and oil (overhaul price is for service work only, seals are not included), brake bleeding and adjustment, derailleur adjustment and hanger alignment, thorough wheel truing and spoke tension inspection, tubeless sealant inspection and re fresh (sealant not included), complete bearing inspection and adjustment (if possible) and a nut, bolt and brake rotor inspection to be sure everything is safe.

Many modern sealed cartridge type bearings are non adjustable. Sometimes the seals can be carefully removed and the bearings re greased but not always. These types of bearings generally are just removed and replaced. We will inspect all these bearings when you drop off your bike and will add new bearings to the estimate if needed. There is no additional charge to install new bearings, just the cost of the parts.

     Hardtail mountain bikes with a front fork only will get a reduced price ($245) and bikes with no suspension will get get an even greater reduced price ($190).

Dropper posts are a whole other animal. We will inspect them and add air or replace cables if needed but getting inside and rebuilding them is not included in the overhaul. We offer this as a separate service on most popular dropper posts. 60 day guarantee on all work.


Does your biycle just need a small repair or tune? Maybe a flat tire repaired, a brake bled, a bicycle purchased online assembled or a suspension component serviced? If our tune up services aren't what you are looking for we also offer the following services. All prices listed are for repairs only, parts not included.

 Wheels and Tires

  • Flat repair-new tube Installation-$12

  • Tubeless tire install rim already taped-$12.00

  • Tubeless set up with tape, valve stem and tire install-$20

  • Tubeless tire repair with plugs-$12

  • Minor wheel true, tire stays on-$25.00

  • Standard wheel true, tire comes off-$40

  •  Replace broken spokes (up to five)/wheel true-$55

  • Replace cartridge style hub bearings (Industry Nine, Hope, Project 321, DT, etc.-$48

  • Freehub body overhaul-$45

  • Install new freehub body-$35

  • Overhaul front or rear hub traditional loose ball-$35

  • Install cassette-$7.00

  • Remove cassette-$5.00

  • Tire insert install (Cush Core, etc)-$50.00

Derailleurs and Shifting

  • Shifting adjustment-$15

  • Derailleur hanger alingment-$30

  • New derailleur installation-$30

  • Shift lever install mtb style-$30

  • Shift/brake lever install drop bars -$60

  • Derailleur cable install Internal-$30.00

  • Derailleur cable Install external-$15

  • Chain installation-$12.00

  • Internal style hub shifting adjustment-$33


  • Rim brake adjustment-$12

  • Rim brake pad install-$20

  • Disc brake adjustment (rubbing, loose caliper, etc)-$15.00

  • Hydraulic Brake Bleed-$45.00 per brake

  • Disc brake pad install-$12.00

  • Disc rotor Install-$12.00

  • Disc rotor true-$9.00

  • Hydraulic disc brake Installation Internal-$45 External-$35

  • Brake cable Installation-$17

Suspension Services

  • Fork Lower Service-$50

  • Rear shock air can service-$50

  • Fork or shock damper service/rebuild-$185-$325 depending on parts needed.

  • Rear suspension linkage overhaul/bearing replacement-$135

Fork and Headset Services

  • Fork installation with steer tube cut-$40

  • Headset Installation-$35

  • Crown race removal-$10

  • Crown race Installation-$10

  • Cut steer tube only-$25

  • Star nut Installation-$6

  • Headset overhaul-$41

Crank, Pedal and Bottom Bracket Services

  • Crankset Installation-$35

  • Bottom Bracket Installation-$40

  • Chainring Installation-$17

  • Bottom Bracket overhaul-$40

  • Bottom Bracket removal-$20

  • Pedal Installation-$3.00

  • Pedal removal-$3

  • Clipless pedal cleat Installation-$5

  • Pedal overhaul-$30

Handlebar/Stem Services

  • Mountain type handlebar installation-$19.00

  • Road/drop bar installation-$65.00

  • Stem installation-$10

  • Grip installation-$3.00

  • Cut handlebar-$10

  • Handlebar tape install-$27

Other Services

  • Assemble Bicycle from box or purchased online-$80-$175

  • Assemble bicycle from bare frame-$325

  • Rock Shox Reverb bleed-$45

  • Dropper post installation $40 internal $30 external

  • Dropper post cable installation-$40 internal $23 external

  • Dropper lever installation-$40 internal $23 external

  • Luggage rack installation-$15

  • Fender installation (set) $45.00

  • Bottle cage installation-$3.00

  • Quick chain lubrication-$1.25

  • Remove seized bolt or pivot-$70.00/hour billed in 10 minute increments. *We will go over this with you when we see the bike. 

  • Saddle install-$12.00 

  •  Basic dropper post service/lubrication-$28

  • Cycle computer installation-$12

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