Try before you buy!

We offer a very solid demo program to help you make the best decision possible when looking for a new bike. Compare and contrast wheel sizes, suspension linkages, components, and suspension travel in the mountain biking capital of the world!



Q. What is the cost for the demo program?

A. $175.00 which will be applied to your bike purchase at the end of your demo program.

Q. How much time do I have with the demo program?

A. From the day youu sign up you have 90 days to try different bikes or the same bike several times.

Q. Do I need to take thew whole 3 months? I'm only in Bentonville for the weekend? 

A. Of course not, and many riders ride all the bikes they are interested in during 1 or two days.

Q. Where can/should I ride? 

A. To get the most from each ride we suggest riding the same trails on each bike. Any of the trails within riding distance of the shop are advised. Coler and Slaughter Pen Trails are bothe super close.

Q. What bikes are available to demo?

A. Any of the bikes in stock may be taken out on the demo program. The vast majority of our customers use this demo program to make a good decision on a full suspension mountain bike.  We carry bikes from Knolly, Marin and Rocky Mountain including E Bikes. Please call in advance for details on what is available for you to ride the days you are interested.

Q. What if I Don't purchase a bike after doing the demo program?

A. Your $175.00 was well spent to have fun on the trails and to help you narrow down your choices.

Q. Can I keep the bikes overnight?

A. No, we like you to keep each demo ride to 2 hours or less as many customers will use the same bike in a day.

Q. Will you help me set up the bike before my rides?

A. Absolutley, we will adjust saddle height and position, suspension settings, contact points and go over the features of the bikes with you before each ride.

Q. If I like the demo bike I rode can I purchase that one?

A. Yes, we will go over the condition of the bike and price with you. 


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